my i-D with Jessie Andrews

Friday, 12 January 2018

my i-D with Jessie Andrews

Rarely are the words ‘feminism’ and ‘porn’ used in the same sentence; after all, the porn industry is one that historically trades on the exploitation of women, and men, for the purpose of a seedy business and an objectified pleasure. However, with the recent rise of female directors such as Erika Lust and porn stars taking the stance of female-empowerment, like Casey Calvert, this narrative is beginning to change. In the second episode of our new film series exploring individual identities outside of the norm, Jessie Andrews invites us into her home to talk about her experience of working in the industry. Exercising control over her body, realising her deepest sexual desires, and expressing a part of herself that most women get slut-shamed for, Jessie sees her work as a form –however unconventional – of empowerment. We live in a world of revenge porn, leaked sex tapes and hacked celebrity selfies, where the media shove unrealistic ideals of beauty down our throats, and why shouldn’t a woman be able to do what she wants with her body without being judged? Take it away, Jessie Andrews.

Directed by Edgar Obrand

Starring Jessie Andrews

Gaffer Austin Michaels
Assistant Jamie Parkhurst

Hair & Make-up Sydney Costley

Editor Anna Meller
Music Jingle Punks

Global Group Director of Film & Video Ravi Amaratunga
Head of Video Jack Robinson
Head of Creative Bunny Kinney
Video Commissioning Editor Declan Higgins
Development Producer Kate Villevoye
Production Manager Diane Tellarini
Production Coordinator Tom Ivin
Creative Assistant Matthew Whitehouse

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