BoomBox Database Licensing

BoomBox Database Licensing

The data team at boombox culls information from the FCC and other sources and adds information supplied by thousands of its website users to create an extremely complete and accurate database of U.S. and international online radio stations.

BoomBox specializes in radio  station website and audio feed URLs.

We offer customized data applications with a variety of delivery and update options. If your business application would benefit from this information, please contact our sales


Data Available for Licensing

Standard World Wide Radio Station Data Fields

City “Cambridge” City of License
State “MA” State of License
Country “US” Country of License, U.S. or Canada
Format “Jazz”, “Top-40”, etc. Station’s primary format
Website URL URL of this station’s website
Audio Feed URL URL of live audio stream

Don’t need all these fields?
If you’re looking for a subset of our data, we can probably give you a discount!

Need data that you don’t see here?
Let us know and we may be able to meet your needs!

A more detailed description of each data field is available upon request.

Please contact  for more information.

Data Licensing Options

Radio-Locator charges a fixed annual licensing fee for use of its data.

In addition, Radio-Locator offers two separate data delivery options. These options may be chosen separately or in conjunction with each other.

  • Standard Data Update Option: With this option, data files will be sent on a regular basis. The data files are typically flat, tab-delimited text files, but other file formats are available (Excel, Access, etc). The files can be sent over email, ftp, or downloaded from our server.
  • Database Query Option: With this option, you can query the Radio-Locator database in real-time to obtain up-to-the minute data about radio stations. A number of search options are available. Data queries can be in XML or HTML format, or we can customize our servers to meet the specific needs of your client application.


  • Annual License Fee: $850/year
  • Data Update Fee Schedule:
    • No Updates – (no Update Fee)
    • Monthly Updates – Update Fee: $500 per month.


  • Geographic Coverage Areas:
    Geographic coverage data may be included for an additional $500 annual fee, and an additional $100 per update.


  • Database Query Fee Schedule:
    • No Database Queries – (no Query Fee)
    • Maximum 1000 queries per day – Query Fee: $500 per month
    • Maximum 10,000 queries per day – Query Fee: $1500 per month
    • Maximum 100,000 queries per day – Query Fee: $5000 per month

Data Update Fees and Database Query Fees are in addition to the Annual License Fee.

For more details about these data licensing opportunities, including customization options,

Please contact.

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